Harper and Fletcher

"Merry Christmas from Harper and Fletcher!"
- Lisa | December 2018

"Some updated pics of Fletcher (Tyler) at 20 weeks! He is 49 lbs. He is the calmest most easy going dog ever! Only used crate for 2 weeks and now sleeps wherever he wants! Brodie and Harper adore him!"
- Lisa | September 2018

"Hi! What a puppy. He is so sweet and cuddly. Never whines and just fits right in the with the other 2! We have renamed him Fletcher! He fell in the pool on day 1 which we knew he would. They all do! We were ready for it. He was a natural swimmer. We will send you updated pics as he grows! Thanks again for everything! We just love our bernedoodle fur babies!"
- Lisa | July 2018

"Hi, Hope all is well. Harper is awesome. One the best dogs out there! Everyone loves her. Attached are some updated photos with her new haircut. She pretty much lost her tri color and is mostly grey and white. The back of her hind legs have a little tan. The kids and I check your web page daily! We just love a bernedoodle! We had been following Tyler and saw he was removed on Monday. We were so excited he found a forever home. Then last night I logged on to show the kids the new litter posted and by accident I was directed to older puppies page which I never knew existed and there was Tyler. My heart was sad for him! He is a beautiful boy! I can't justify the 2500 at this time but would take him for 1500 if you can't find a forever home for him. By no means am I saying he is not worth the full amount. I am sure he is. After we got harper last year our Airedale got very sick with IMHA and we put 10k into him to keep him alive. After 4 blood transfusions he is still with us today but on medication. Take some time to think about the offer. Totally understand if you need to get full reduced price for tyler. We just want to make sure he has a loving home to go to. Thank you for your consideration. Kind Regards,"
- Lisa | June 2018

Hello Attached is a copy of Harper's (Brie) spay certificate and some updated photos. She is truly amazing and a blessing to our family. We all love her so much. She is so playful and smart! She loves to gives big Harper hugs! She gets out to hike and run every day. Her agility is off the charts! She has so many doggie friends. Her hind legs are starting to show the grey like her dad! At 8 months she is only 46lbs. According to your testimonials her brother Watson was 65lbs at 6 months! Thank you again for this wonderful addition to our family. She is well loved! "
- Enners | November 2017

Harper (aka Brie) is doing awesome. She is full of energy and then crashes. Really sweet personality. Such a love. I took her to the vet today. Attached is her record. She is a healthy girl. Our 8yr Airedale is loving her too! Will send more pics as she grows! "
- Enners | May 2017