"Here are some new pictures of Harper! She is doing great! She is one year old, 60 lbs and full of energy! She loves to be outside."
- Ally | November 2018

"Hi, Here are some new pictures of Harper! She’s 8 months old and doing great! :) "
- Ally | June 2018

"Harper (Sophia) is doing great! She is 6 months old and 45 lbs. She is full on energy and thinks she is a lap dog!
She knows a couple tricks and loves to go for walks. We love her so much! Here are a couple new pictures of Harper.. Thanks again,"
- Ally | April 2018

"Hello, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Harper (Sophia) is doing well, she is such a good puppy! Harper is the queen of the house and my whole family is in love with her. She is 3 months old and about 20 pounds! She has such a sweet personality and loves to snuggle, but she also has her sassy puppy moments! Here is a recent picture of her. Have a wonderful new year!"
- Allyson | December 2017