"Hank (formerly Elton,Newfypoo) is now almost 16 months old, approx. 65 lbs and such a wonderful addition to our house. He is very smart, and still such a mama's boy! He still loves to chew on anything in a bathroom garbage can, but can also be left alone if we run a quick errand. Hank loves the recent snowfall and enjoys playing outside in the winter. He is also a pretty decent swimmer as we took him in Lake Huron over the summer and he did well. We look for his siblings on your testimonial page and enjoy all of the updates. Take good care!"
- Julie | January 2017

"Good morning, Here are a few new pictures of Hank (newfypoo). He is doing well and is 6 1/2 months today. He was neutered last week and also had surgery to remove the cherry eye that we spoke about last month. He hates the cone that he has to wear, but is recovering from surgery quite nicely. Hank is very much a mama's boy and I just love him to pieces! Hope that you're doing well!"
- Julie | April 2016

"Here are the most recent pics of Hank (newfypoo). Puppy school at PetSmart is going okay...it's hilarious when all of the dogs interact! Yesterday Hank was a tired boy and slept a decent amount...he would wake up, yawn and stretch. Brian told me he is definitely a growing boy. Last Wednesday at the vet he was almost 22 lbs. To be honest, I think he seems small for the breed...are his siblings parents keeping in touch with you? If so, are they all considerable larger than our boy? Just curious! Have a great Monday! "
- Julie | January 2016

"Hank (Newfypoo) is doing well in our home. We truly enjoy him, even though his needle/puppy teeth are driving us crazy! As soon as he bites us we try to shove a toy in his mouth, but as we reach for the toy he grabs our hand to bite again. It's a vicious cycle--one that we are trying to resolve. We begin puppy school at PetSmart next Thursday and are excited for that too! ?When he settles down, he is still the sweetest boy. I hope you're doing well. At his first vet appt. on 12/21/15 he weighed 12.4 lbs. We went back on Wednesday and he was 17.4! He is a growing boy! Take care, "
- Julie | January 2016