"Hi, I hope all is well! I've attached Griff's neuter paperwork as well as a few pictures. He is up to 60 pounds now, most of which is fluff! We constantly have people stopping us on walks to say hi and to pet him. He is a fan favorite in the neighborhood."
- Brenton | January 2020

"I wanted to give you an update on Griff. He has gotten all of his booster shots and currently weighs 35 pounds, probably a third of which is his fluff! He recently started at a doggie day care and has quickly become the new staff favorite! Here is a pic of him after his most recent bath."
- Brenton | November 2019

"Hi! I wanted to give you a quick update on Griff (sully). He's been amazing! He had his first vet check up last Tuesday, and also had his first bath on Friday. People can't stop talking about how cute and well behaved he is! I've attached his vet paperwork and a few pictures!"
- Brenton | September 2019