"Hi! Greyson (Shane) is eight months old and he's been busy. He is on his 3rd training class and is very smart. Still mischievous and very playful, he has brought lots of joy with several visits to a nursing home and my work. We are always stopped on walks for neighbors to get a close up of this handsome pup.I also have a long list of volunteer dog sitters due to Grey's friendly personality. He recently started barking and is now protecting the household. I am so grateful for this wonderful addition to the family. **With everything going on, I am so blessed to spend my days and nights with Grey! Thank you!"
- Marie | March 2020

"Shane did great in the car. He is doing well, but gets the hiccups a lot. I think he's eating too fast but not sure why he gets them other times. We named him Greyson. I'll email everything after the vet visit on Wed. He crawled up [on the rock] all by himself."
- Marie | September 2019