Murphy is honestly perfect... I don’t think I’ve ever met or been around a better dog. We got so lucky working with you and the litter we got.
He is very calm when alone or around the house when we are working, but very happy and excited when we come home from work or can start to play with him. He loves people and is always smiling when we have friends or family over.
He was potty trained in just a few weeks and has not had an accident since. He is already up and active after he got neutered. He is loving and has such a good personality. I can put my hand in his mouth while he eats, and won't growl or anything. He loves getting groomed and going to the vet ironically. He loves to walk and explore. He knows how to sit, shake, lay down, stay, and come. If this is how he is at about 7 months, I can't imagine how great a dog he will be long term. I've recommended you highly.

He does NOT bark at anything a typical dog would. Only time we hear him bark is when playing rough with us or another dog, but never at anything outside he sees or hears.
His coat is super soft and wavy- just like we wanted. His coloring is great. I did notice a little shedding, but I think he was losing his puppy coat (it's much darker now). Other than that not a whole lot I noticed. My girlfriend is very allergic and has NEVER had a reaction to Murphy.

I think we really like the 63.5% X 37.5% mix. Our first golden doodle was that mix style and was an angel.
You did such a great job during the breeding process so I think we owe you most of the credit here, but it seems like his parents were very great too!
I’m hoping you are hearing similar feedback on this litter. Would love to hear if this is the norm, or if we just hit the jackpot.
- June 2020