"Gizmo is 1 today!! We love him and all his energy."
- Diane and Michael | December 2018

"Hello, here is receipt for the neutering of our Gizmo (Lance). Thank you,"
- Diane and Michael | October 2018

"Out vet wanted to know how much Teekah and Zeke weighed? Is this something you could provide to me? Thank you! Gizmo is doing great, he continues to love the snow, because in Northern Indiana the weather in March is constantly changing. He has decided it is ok to go outside and off the patio by himself for a short period of time, he hides when a neighborhood dog barks. He loves going to work with me during the day. As of last Thursday at puppy class, he gained 6 pounds since coming home."
- Diane | March 2018

"Hello, I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful blessing, our puppy is such a joy. He has his first appointment with our vet on Monday and he weighed a little over 14 pounds. He loved the snow we had, not such a fan of the three days of rain, but I think we were all a bit tired of that. Gizmo loves the kids and wants to be with them all the time. Again, thank you! "
- Diane | March 2018