"George continues to be an amazing addition to our family!! He is such a love bug and expands his fan base, everywhere he goes. He travels very well and loves visiting our out of town family. George is incredible with our daughter as well as our young nieces and nephews; he's such a gentle dog for being 64 lbs! While he is typically very happy, he is currently (and rightfully so) very grumpy as he had his surgery yesterday. His neutering paperwork is attached. I'll update you again when he turns 1. Happy New Year!"
- Jill | January 2020

"Hi, George continues to be such a joy and is getting so big!! At 23 weeks, he currently weighs 48 lbs. Aside from his occasional stubbornness, he has rocked his training. George is so good with everyone he meets and of course, LOVES the attention. Our daughter is his favorite person and he has done wonders for her anxiety. I'm hopeful to complete the Good Neighbor training with him over the next year or two in hopes that I can take him to nursing homes to spread a little joy. Thank you again for such an amazing dog!!"
- Jill | September 2019

"Hi, We are absolutely in love with our George and cannot thank you enough for such an amazing puppy!! George (formerly Anders) has fit in beautifully with our family…he has an incredible balance of cuddly sweetness and goofy playfulness that keeps us on our toes! He LOVES being outside in the grass, so we try to play with him on his favorite "playground" as often as we can. George has started the typical puppy pastime of chewing on anything and everything he can get in his mouth, so we've picked up a wide variety of toys in hopes that the various textures will help keep him engaged when we are unable to play one on one with him. He's enjoying them so far, and the tennis ball is the one that has him stumped…he's not quite sure what to do with it once it stops rolling…he'll get it eventually! I'll be sure to send you updates as he grows!"
- Jill | June 2019

"Hi, Anders (now George) is doing very well. My husband just got home with him about 2 hrs ago. I'm taking him to our vet on Tuesday, I'll update you again after the appt. We've already fallen in love with him...what an incredible puppy!! Thanks,"
- Jill | May 2019