"We wanted to thank you so much again for breeding the most amazing dogs in the world! We are so incredibly happy with our Frodo Baggins boy! Formerly Halton. He's everything and more we could ever ask for in a dog. My most favorite time of day is now first thing in the morning because I get to go wake him up and he smiles at me, stretches walks out of his crate and just puts his paws around me and hugs me right away. It's literally the best! Thank you again!"
- Betsy | February 2019

"Good morning! I am Frodo's adoptive mom. Jut wanted to let you know that he was neutered at 4 months because he had to go under anesthesia for a suspected cancer on his face at that time the vet did it all at once so he didn't have to do it again later. Thankfully it was benign and he has healed now from that! He is doing so well and we are all absolutely crazy about him. If you need any more info or documentation please let me know. We have updated pics in his Instagram account! He is currently weighing in at around 56 pounds! Thankful for you as our breeder. You've done a marvelous job. Love how he slept through the night in his crate on the very first night- we woke him up to pee a few times for a while but then he'd always go right back to sleep. He is a wonderful dog!! We have recommended you a lot! Sheepadoodle.Frodo is his instagram address. My daughter mainly runs it lol she’s having a ball with him!"
- Betsy | January 2019

- September 2018