"Hi want to give you an updated picture of Frannie! She had a lot of fun on her 4th birthday! 11/10/19. Hope you have had a fun 2020 so far!"
- Erica | February 2020

"Hi, I thought I’d send you an updated pic of Frannie....she loves to swim; it’s hilarious! "
- Erica | August 2018

"Hi, I wanted to send you a few pics of Frannie - she was born 11/10/15- the "G" litter - Gabbie. We love her! She is the most mild mannered dog, so sweet with kids and she thinks she is human. We have passed your info on to everyone who stops and asks what kind of dog she is. A friend from our town is actually coming to pick up Evie Saturday, Cathryn. I told her how happy they will be... they are the best breed! Take care!!"
- Erica | March 2018

"Hope all is well. I realized we haven't sent any pics of Frannie (sheepadoodle) to you. She is getting big. The kids love her and vice versa!! All the best!"
- The Mullins | March 2016