"Hi, This is Teddy Dellas. We were the ones that took Finnigan (Whitman) from the family that couldn't keep him a couple years back. Just wanted to let you know that Finnigan was selected to be on Good Morning America! He will be on TV with us a week from today, the 21st around 8am. Just thought you might be pleased to hear this! As far as the show is concerned it's their "Pet of the Week" segment. He also will be entered for pet of the year! Should be an 5-10 minute viewing with us and him on the show (there's a chance I won't personally be there). As far as photos we have hundreds but here are a few!"
- Teddy | February 2020

"Finnigan is doing well! He got his first hair cut over the weekend and I think we were all excited about it! He is doing very well. I think he is around 55lbs in weight. Growing more every day! Also, we were talking about his AKC chip that he has implanted. If he were to run away and someone found him, who would be contacted? Thanks,"
- Teddy | November 2017

"We did keep his name as Finnigan. He is still learning his name but he's doing well! I will attach a few photos below. He just went to the vet last night and got his second round of shots due to Cheryl getting the first round. Do you need some sort of documentation for the records? Let me know if you have any other questions. We have a lot of photos in the car because he likes to ride along with me. Most days I take him to work with me."
- Teddy | September 2017

Due to a sudden/unexpected change/move in Finnegan's new family. His owners were unable to keep him. We were able to find a new home for him in a very short time. Finnegan is now with his happy, new family. See photos above.

"So sorry I haven't called you yet. It has been a crazy day! We picked up Whitman at the airport without any problems, and he is doing great! (he is now known as Finnegan) He has already stolen our hearts."
- C. Little | September 2017