"Hi, Here are some pictures of Finley (6 months) and Oakley (10 months). Finley now weighs 55 lbs, 3 lbs heavier than Oakley. Finley has the sweetest personality, and is very good with all the grandkids. Life is never boring with these two, and we are lucky to have found a great Bernedoodle breeder. Thanks again for the wonderful dog."
- Lynn | June 2019

"Hi, my husband wasn't sure he wanted this picture of Finley on the site, but I wanted to share with you how goofy Finley can be. These are a couple of our "bad pictures" from our attempt to get the pictures for you. Finley is a pro at turning into a noodle at will, as is evident in the solo picture of her. When she doesn't want to cooperate this is what she does. It can be impossible to move a limp 55 lb puppy and she knows it. She is quite the clown. You had mentioned that if you saw a picture of her now you might be able to tell us if she will fade or not. Can you tell from the pictures if she is more or less likely to fade?"
- Lynn | June 2019

"Here is a picture from Finley's (aka Scarlett) first day home. She wasted no time being best buds with our 6 month old Bernedoodle, Oakley."
- Lynn | February 2019

"Hi, The exchange with Rob's puppy delivery service went beautifully. We were so grateful to not have a longer drive in the freezing rain today. Finley (aka Scarlett) has settled in like no other puppy we ever had. There was an immediate mutual respect between Finley and our existing dogs. It's like she's been one of the family forever. She is the perfect puppy, sweet, funny, well adjusted and beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful puppy. PS We do have a bed that fits her size, she just seems to prefer the little one"
- Lynn & Mike | January 2019