""Here are some photos of our sweet girl! Thank you so much- she is the BEST!!! We love her to pieces!!"
- Bonnie | August 2019

"Here are some more photos of our sweet Emmie as she is growing. She is getting along so well with our yochon, Bailey, and our orange tabby, Morris. They all love playing together! In two days, Emmie learned to ring the bells we hung from the door to go outside, although she occasionally has some accidents in the house. We are hoping that subsides. She is no longer nipping at people, and knows Sit, Stay, and Come, especially when a treat is involved. Her favorite, however, is 'Shake'. We are so enjoying Emmie's silliness- she is quite a character! Good thing she doesn't mind getting cleaned up because she sure likes getting messy! We love her so much. Thanks again"
- Bonnie | March 2019

Bernedoodle Bernie
Bernedoodle Bernie

"Hi there! We have re-named Winter -Emmie, and she is a sweetheart. Did fantastic on the long ride home - didn't get sick or mess in her crate. I was wondering if you still have the picture of the puppies when they were tiny that you had on the website - wish I'd screen shotted it. If you do, would you be able to send it to me? (The more newborn one where they were all together). I'll send more photos later - hard to get a good picture because she is always moving so fast, unless she is sleeping of course :-) Thanks so much!! "
- Bonnie | January 2019