"She is sweet as pie. Great girl. Love her so very much. Her name "Koko" was literally the babies first word. I just measured her. she is 28". Every time we go to the vet they always say "she is all legs" 😂 Have a wonderful holiday."
- Mary | December 2019

"So she was very sluggish very much still groggy. She slept the entire night. She is still very slow this morning but better. Poor baby girl. She is a very sweet girl so I think this has been hard on her. She does weigh 48 pds. We are going to work on beefing her up. She has grown so much. She is taller than my sisters newfiepoo. My sisters dog has always been bigger than Koko until recently. They are very close in age. Anyway.... we love koko And she is just a great girl. I have 8 kids and expecting one more. She is literally my nana from Peter Pan."
- Mary | July 2019

"We are in heaven!!! My sister just got a newfypoo so we went to her house and they played. It's a beautiful day. Now they are resting. Ebony is the sweetest baby ever! No name yet. We are going to vet tomorrow morning. Be in touch! You did a great job picking a dog for me!!"
- Mary | March 2019