"Mac (Conner) is settling in here great! I’m taking him to the vet tomorrow morning so will keep you posted if they have anything to say. Thought you might want to see our family pics. Duncan (Gunther...) is loving his new little brother too! :)"
- Sydnee & Jake | November 2018

"Hi! I hope the past few months have been great for you! I wanted to give you an update on our little (well not so little as he's already 75 pounds!!) Duncan. (sheepadoodle) He is seriously the BEST dog in the entire world! He is so smart, friendly, sweet and playful. He loves being around people and makes friends with every other dog he meets. He gets complements everywhere we go! He also loves riding in the car with us and sticking his head out the sun roof, which is quite entertaining for other drivers around us! He is such a goofball and we love him so much. We really could not have asked for a better pup to bring home and want to thank you again so much for making it happen. :) P.S. Are you still breeding? It looks like from the website you are, which is so exciting! We DEFINITELY want to get another puppy from you, but probably in about a year!"
- Sydnee & Jake | August 2016