"Hi, Hope all is well with you and the family! Denver (formerly Dixie) has absolutely blossomed over the past month and a half. She is so smart, so well behaved, and such a blessing all around. She has been going to "play-care" three days a week and LOVES it. She has made so many puppy friends and has an amazing temperament with other animals. She got groomed for the first time yesterday as well (see photo) and did wonderfully! I can't begin to express how much we adore this sweet little lady. Thank you so much!"
- Brittany | July 2020

"Hi! Here's a photo of Denver (aka Dawn) . She's settling in so well. I can't believe how well-tempered she is. We love her so much already. One interesting thing- she's not into treats at all. I've bought five different brands now to try to tempt her with and she spits all of them out. Maybe she's just too excited still with all of the change. Hope you're doing well! Thank you for our little blessing!!"
- Brittany | May 2020

"Hi! Denver (aka Dixie) had her first vet appointment with us today. Everything went wonderfully! The veterinarian said she looks perfect- extremely healthy and at a good weight (14.10 lbs). She also gave us a Heartgard chewy and a Flea & Tick preventative. She has already mastered sit, she hasn't had any accidents since her first night with us (which is incredible), and she's becoming more and more comfortable with her leash every day. We're working on the chewing/biting right now. She'll get better about it day by day. Overall, my goodness.. we couldn't feel more blessed. She is such a wonderful girl. I attached a photo of her sporting her new bandana"
- Brittany | May 2020