"Just an update on Dave he's pushing 90lbs at 9 months old Yep he's a big boy and he is thriving. He still takes his vitamins although in the beginning I didn't really want the extra expense,but I think they have saved me money in vet visits because he seems so healthy. I also give them to my little 10 yr. dog. I went ahead and scheduled his neuter for the 28th of May although I'm not sure if they will do it then due to COVID 19 It will be a wait and see thing. But will let you know. I've got a few new pictures to send if I can figure out again how to send them. Thanks again for my big fur baby boy. Tell Brillo she makes good babies!"
- Susie | March 2020

"He is now 5 months old and 50lbs He's a total goofball. Been to Puppy classes but of course there is always the one dog who is a wildman. He did graduate but we still have some work to do LOL Thank you"
- Susie | December 2019

"Hi, When I was doing research on the Bernedoodle, my hope was to get a gentle giant of a smart dog. A much needed companion for myself and my other Dog Matilda. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect that Dave would be so awesome. I'm totally in love with this puppy. He is everything I'd hoped for and more. He is a crazy little puppy right now, but already at 9 weeks he can sit, lay down and walk loose leash. He will follow you, and will come maybe 90% of the time. House breaking is going well, and he loves the bunny rabbit. I think the bunny likes him too!"
- Susie | October 2019