"I am sending receipt of Dakota's spaying. (Aka Nicole) We just want to tell you that she is an amazing and loving addition to our family. She has such a personality and is so beautiful!! She is great with kids and so smart. We just love her."
- The Frechette Family | January 2018

"Just wanted to send an update and some pictures. Dakota (Nicole) just had her second vet visit and is doing great! She has double her weight in 3 weeks, weighing 20lbs right now. She is a total joy! Almost completely potty trained with starting to ring the bell to go out. She is so smart. She is amazing with the kids and other dogs. She loves to wrestle with her golden retriever and lab sisters. We just love her! She has been an amazing addition to the family. Thank you!"
- The Frechette Family | August 2017