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Sheepadoodle Testimonial


"Good Morning, I did take Daisy to our Vet a week ago today. The Vet was so impressed with her. Said she is a beautiful dog, growing well, her build is great, her stool sample was perfect. She was given a booster DA2P Pv vaccine, bordetella vaccine. She is very sweet and smart. She sits and shakes on command; loves her treats. She is walking on a leash very well for short walks. Her personality is showing; she can be very cheeky sometimes and just runs around the yard. She loves being outside which we have been a lot with this great weather. We have a large yard and she just runs, wanders and finds spots to lay. She loves her toys and plays with herself. It's so funny to watch. She is just wonderful and has become my little shadow."

- Ruth | June 2020

"Hi, Daisy (aka Dawn) was terrific for the ride home. Whined a little at first but then quieted down, and was very content. Did not have an accident. And went when we got home in the yard. She has been running around the house, the yard, loving her squeaky toy and chasing tennis balls. Now asleep on the patio with us. I think she is worn out. Very nice to meet you. Thanks for everything."

- Ruth | May 2020