"Recent picture of Cooper (aka Marshall). Very handsome!"
- John | September 2018

" Hi. First, thanks for being patient when I showed up late on Saturday. This covers 2 things:

1. You said you didn’t receive some type of confirmation from NuVet. Here is their confirmation to me. (We received our first order on 6/8). 2. Cooper (aka Marshall) had his vet appointment today. Everything was fine. Here attached as a JPEG document is the vet’s report.

I also wanted to tell you that my 8 hour trip home with Cooper went great. Took breaks every 2 hours for drink and potty. No accidents, and he went potty immediately when he was placed on the grass. Couldn’t of been better. At home now he is great. Thanks. I will send pictures as he matures. Peace,"
- John (Jack) Stoiber | June 2018