"Cooper at 14 months with his kids."
- Jason | January 2020

"Here's some recent pictures of Cooper from Christmas and the New Year. He was surprisingly good leaving the Christmas Tree alone. About 34 weeks old. He hasn't been weighed in a while but I'm guessing 70 lbs or so."
- Jason | January 2020

"Cooper had his first grooming appointment Monday. He's 26 weeks and 60 lbs."
- Jason | November 2019

"Cooper turned 22 weeks old on October 16. He weighed 46 lbs at 21 weeks so he is likely 50 by now or darn close. When he stands on his back legs he is taller than our oldest who is soon to be 10. Here's a few pictures from the last couple days. He's doing great and super happy. Loves his kids."
- Jason | October 2019

"Here's some pics with Mr. Cooper and his kids. Landon, Corbin and Morgan adore him. And He adores them. I believe he's 16 weeks old today."
- Jason | September 2019