"I hope you are enjoying your summer! Clyde (Heath) is doing well! We love him so much! He has remained about 60lbs for a few months now. Our vet recommended us to switch him over to adult food. I remember you said 15 months and he is only 11 now. What do you think? He still is not eating much...So I kind of feel like we should make the change. I wanted to see what your thoughts were. Please get back to me when you have a moment. Here are some photos from Central Park- we take him there every morning!"
- Jill | August 2020

"We hope all is well and that you and your family are safe during this crazy time! Clyde is the absolute best! We could not imagine life without him! He is officially 9 months and living the best life in NYC! I have a question for you about food for Clyde. Since the beginning, we have been feeding him the Royal Canin Puppy food that you recommended. Lately, he has not been eating much. He seems to graze it throughout the day and is not eating the full amount that he should be with his body weight. Some days he doesn't even eat until the late afternoon. Overall he is healthy...pooping, peeing etc. I am wondering if we should switch foods? Should we give him wet food? What do you recommend? Here are some pictures for you! I look forward to hearing back!"
- Jill | June 2020

"Hi, We have renamed "Heath", Clyde...and we are SO in love! What a cutie! He is very happy in our home!"
- Jill | November 2019