"As you can guess most of the photos on my phone are of grandsons and Clover! We are above and beyond thrilled with her. I am so glad I researched the breed, found your A+ business and now have her for her lifetime with our family. She is a perfect fit and I have become a proficient groomer too. Peace and grace."
December 2021

"Here is a recent photo of Clover at 9 months old. She's a gem!"
February 2021

"So, I thought I'd share photos of what Clover's (your Cory) coat looks like at 5 months. She has not had a clipper taken to her fur and it is in great fine straight condition. You were uncertain of her color and suspected sable. I would describe her fur as having three colors in one. The bottom color is grayish. The middle is a lighter brown and the end of the fur is a dark brown chestnut color that often still looks black unless you look closely and it contrasts with the white nicely. So I do think it's a sable coat. The photos could help in the future if you are trying to show color variations. I will share photos of her with her first cut also and her next-summer short cut. We love her unique coat. I will also send her spay papers after the procedure. Of course my phone is full of photos of Clover and our grandsons! She has become a great hiker. This weekend she hiked an 8.4 mile hike with us. She enjoys every aspect of life with us and will be a fantastic part of our family for years to come. We are so often grateful that we have her to brighten our days and she has also amazingly befriended our grumpy old yorkiechon."