"Clif (formerly Jonson from the sheepadoodle litter born Jan 14, 2016) is doing great! My husband and I love him so much and he is a perfect addition to our family. All of our friends and family love him and can't believe how well behaved he is. He is such a fast learner and loves showing off his tricks (only when treats are involved though :) ). He is getting so big (85 lbs).... we wonder if he is going to keep growing or if he is done?! Attached is a picture of him on his birthday where we celebrated with apples, carrots, and deer antlers (his favorite)!"
- The Sullivans | January 2017

""Hi,Just wanted to send you a few pictures of Clif (Jonson from the sheepadoodle litter born January 14) from when we got him in March until now. He is doing so well, and loves anyone, and everyone he meets! He is already over 40 pounds, and has the biggest paws, so we expect him to be a big guy when he is full grown. He is so full of energy too, and always keeping us on our toes when he tries to get into things. We will definitely continue to keep you updated."
- The Sullivans | June 2016