"I hope you are doing well! Charlie is now 7.5 months and about 55 lbs. Thanks so much for having an awesome breeding program! She is the best dog we have ever had; so much personality and energy. She is always happy and ready to go. Have a great weekend! "
- Rachel | June 2021

"Hope you are well! Charlie is growing so fast! She is 5 months old and as you can see, a big girl! We love her so much. "
- Rachel | March 2021

"Happy Valentine's Day! I wanted to share a picture of Charlie as she is now 14 Weeks old! I adore her and she is such a good girl. I hope you are well!"
- Rachel | February 2021

"My wild girl Charlie (aka Charlotte) is doing great! Here are a few pics Thank you so much for my baby girl Charlie! We love her so much! She was an angel on the ride home and didn't miss a beat when she walked into our home. The vet said she is in great health, just a little on the slender side and recommended feeding her 1 cup, 3x a day to see how much she will eat. I also bought her a slow feeder dish, to keep her brilliant mind working."
- Rachel | January 2021