"Hi! Caleb (Bernedoodle aka Guy) is doing great. He's about 100 pounds and just beautiful with amazingly thick hair. Holly also from Angel Breeze (Newfypoo aka Jill) is also wonderful. She's 115 pounds - a really big, super chill dog that loves swimming. Here's a recent picture of them at the lake..."
- Tim H. | April 2020

"Caleb is such a wonderful puppy. He has lots of energy but not too much. He never gets into anything - there are plenty of potential things for him to get into but he focuses on his toys. He is a true delight. I've had lots of puppies in my life and he has been the easiest pup to raise."
- Tim H. | December 2014

"Here are a couple of pictures of Caleb. He's adjusting well given the long trip yesterday. He has a very sweet personality.""
- Tim H. | November 2014