"Happy to report that Burt (formally Bentley - March 2019), has officially been fixed. Burt is 62 lbs at the 7.5 month mark. He loves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and wishes there were more meals in a day. Hobbies include waking up at 5am on weekends, chasing deer, playing fetch, devouring treats, watching over our cul de sac, and following us anywhere and everywhere we go. He's hilarious and makes us laugh everyday. I've included a few pictures since we last connected. One is with his cousin, Porter, a Sheepadoodle that came from you - they're best friends and have play dates often! The lab is Burt's sister and even she has grown to love him. The Instragram folks can follow him @ Burt_the_Bernedood. Thanks again for providing us with this gem! Thanks, "
- Kara | August 2019

"Burt (aka Bentley) has been fantastic. We're just a couple days in and already obsessed :). The vet weighed him in at 11.5 lbs on Monday and had wonderful things to say about the breed and what we get to look forward to with him. Attached are a few photos from the past day or so!"
- Kara | March 2019