"Hi, Another pic of Buddy,(newfypoo) He's loving the Spring weather. Hope you are doing well."
- Tim and Julie | May 2016

"Hi, Buddy (Newfypoo) is doing great! About 70-75 lbs now, I think. He is a terrific dog in every respect. Although, in the attached pic, he's sitting in a chair he is not allowed to sit in. We were curious, why did you stop breeding Newfypoos?"
- Tim and Julie | March 2016

"Hi Happy new year! We LOVE Buddy (newfypoo)! He is such a sweet, goofy dog. We just took him with us to a family gathering and he was awesome with kids and did great on a very long car ride. Right now Buddy is about 55 lbs, (8mo.) so we're expecting him to get up to 65-70 lbs. He's been very healthy the entire time we've had him. Hope you all are doing great. "
- Tim and Julie | January 2016

"We've been having a great summer with Buddy (Newfypoo)! He is so smart, and has been housebroken for weeks. He has mega tons of energy and loves every human and dog he meets. He's not a big fan of the heat! And he wants to eat everything in sight. Healthy and growing - vet thinks he might end up being smaller than we expected (about 60-70 lbs full grown). We'll see!"
- Tim and Julie | August 2015