"1 year old Bruno (formerly Ty) is doing fantastic! He is still in-training as an official golf course dog (Insta: Bruno the Golf Pup). His favorite activity is chasing geese and playing in the snow. He is SO friendly and we are constantly stopped because of his beautiful coloring. Now he is roughly 90 pounds. He was neutered and recovered very well. He is still gaining weight - about 2 pounds a month for the past few months. We trim him and bathe him at home - fortunately he is low shed. Let us know if you need anything!"
- Ashley and Blair | January 2019

"Hello, We have had Bruno (previously Ty) from for about a month in Boston and he is doing really well! He's well over 20 pounds now and about 12 weeks old. He is perfectly healthy minus a few days of tummy trouble last week after getting his vaccines. He's braving the freezing Boston winter and is still figuring out where to go to the bathroom outside if there's no snow! Bruno definitely has the stubborness of a bernese and intelligence of a poodle, which makes for a hysterical combination. He eats 4 cups of food (at least) every day because he is growing so fast. We created his own instagram (Bruno the golf pup) so feel free to check him out anytime! Love,"
- Ashley and Blair | January 2018