Briggs and Bella

"We cheered hard but our team didnt win the superbowl! Xoxoxox Briggs (newfypoo) and Bella (bernedoodle)"
- The Woodwards | February 2017

"Good morning! Briggs (left, newfypoo) and Bella (bernedoodle) Have been running around in the snow today. Happy 2017"
- The Woodwards | January 2017

"Hi, Hope you are having a great summer! Here are pictures of Briggs 1yr old (newfypoo) & Bella 9mo. (bernedoodle) this month at the beach. Bella's a doll and super cuddly. Likes to be touching you all the time. She has more energy and wakes up first, ready to walk. She's more sassy than Briggs as he just lets her tease him all day long. Briggs could not be more perfect. Have a great day."
- The Woodwards | June 2016

"Happy St Patrick's Day from Briggs (Newfypoo 10 mos) and Bella (Bernedoodle 6 mos)"
- The Woodwards | March 2016

"Hello from Atlanta. Briggs (Newfypoo)is now 9 months and weighs about 80#. Bella (bernedoodle) is 5 months and weighs about 28#. She seems so tiny next to Briggs, especially with Briggs long hair and Bella's short hair. Both are super sweet and cuddly. Would love to hear about their siblings! Happy Valentines!"
- The Woodwards | February 2016

"Briggs (7mo. old Newfypoo) and Bella (3 mo. old Bernedoodle) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!"
- The Woodwards | December 2015

"Hi, Briggs ( newfypoo) is fabulous!"
- The Woodwards | July 2015

"Briggs ( newfypoo) is here in Atlanta and we are in love. We played for a while at delta cargo and are driving home from airport now. We will keep sending pics forever! Thanks,"
- The Woodwards | July 2015