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Bernedoodle Testimonial

"Hey there! Hoping all is well with you and your family. Just wanted to send an update on Bourby (previously Hazel - 11/20/2017). We had a son in April and she is the best big sister we could have hoped for. I'm sure several of your potential clients ask you about how the Bernedoodles are with children, and I wanted to attest that ours has been such a blessing! Our son crawls all over her, pulls her hair and ears, uses her as a climbing wall and Bourby never acts out or aggressively towards him. If anything, she just licks him harder! She loves him so much and she is such a wonderful family dog. Here's a video to support the above - this is a regular occurrence in our home!! Thanks again for such a wonderful dog,"

- Bryn | March 2021

Tri Color Bernedoodle BourbyLou and her happy owner
Tri Color Bernedoodle BourbyLou's new bed
Playful Tri Color Bernedoodle BourbyLou
Tri Color Bernedoodle BourbyLou with her new family
Tri Color Bernedoodle BourbyLou
Tri Color Bernedoodle BourbyLou
Tri Color Bernedoodle BourbyLou

"Hey there, Just wanted to share a few pics and videos of our sweet pup! Bourby Lou (aka Hazel) is adjusting well to life in Louisville. She made the long roadtrip home with no accidents, no freak-outs...just a lot of snuggling and napping! She's enjoying her big back yard and 1 million toys, and has a personality as big as she is! She had her second round of shots yesterday, vet said she looks great, and is already 20 lbs at 11 weeks...going to be a big girl! She's had a couple of puppy play dates and LOVES to 'boop' her friends with those big paws and chase them all around the yard. She loves people (and they just LOVE her!), and is really making progress on potty training and a few tricks. Such a smart girl!"

- Bryn | February 2018