Boo and Bruno

"Hi! Things are going great. Bruno and Boo are doing so well. They are the same in terms of activity level but different temperament. Boo is more shy and reserved whereas Bruno is very confident and life of the party. But they bring out the best in each other. Also attached are some recent pictures! Thanks!"
- Holly Oak | May 2018

"He is so great! He is really outgoing and playful. His absolute favorite thing is to chase Boo around but she loves it. It's so funny seeing how different he is than Boo but we think it makes Boo get out of her shell a little more. When they are both tired they like to snuggle up together, which is so precious. Also I had to attach a picture we took yesterday in the snow. Look how big he is!"
- Holly Oak | February 2018

"Hi Wanted to send you some recent pictures of Bruno (formerly Jerry). He is approximately 16 weeks old and growing so fast! Our vet said he is going to be a big boy. Boo, our 3 year old bernedoodle from you, is getting along so well with him. They are absolute best friends and love to play together. We are just so happy with both dogs! Thank you so much,"
- Holly Oak | February 2018

"My husband Christian Reis has been emailing with you about getting a bernedoodle puppy in time for Christmas. We understand that everyone with deposits get first choice. We are very much interested in getting one of the puppies from one of the two litters. I don't know if you recall, but we purchased a bernedoodle from you in 2014. Her name was Cindee but we named her Boo. I've attached updated pictures of her. We love her so much and want to get her a little brother or sister in time for the holidays. How would you recommend we best go about trying to reserve one of the Christmas puppies? Should we go ahead and put a deposit down? We are very excited about getting a second dog, and we love all the pictures you posted of the available puppies. Thank you!"
- Holly Oak | November 2017

"My husband and I purchased a bernedoodle from you back in summer 2014. We absolutely love her to death. Here are some updated pictures of her (Boo). Her 2nd birthday is tomorrow, so we plan on spoiling her like crazy! She is seriously our little baby. We hope to get a brother for her in the Fall! Is it possible to put a deposit down reserving us a top spot in litter picks for a bernedoodle litter being available Fall 2016? (the last picture was her first time at the ocean and she loved the waves!)"
- The Oaks | May 2016

"Here are some pictures of Boo (Cindee). She is doing absolutely amazing, and Christian and I cannot imagine our lives without her. She is our baby. She gets along so great with everyone she meets and we are constantly being stopped by strangers telling us how cute she is. I can't believe how big she is getting! She will be 4 months this September and the vet says she is perfectly healthy and going to be a big girl. Her personality has really come out and she is always making us laugh. She is a fast learner and has already graduated puppy preschool. She is an integral part of our family and we cannot thank you enough. I will send more pictures once she is bigger."
- The Oaks | September 2014