"Boo turned 2 a few days ago, and I wanted to send you an updated photo. He's such a happy dog, and he loves everyone. He has been such a wonderful companion during quarantine. I saw that Kuva and Sawyer are expecting a litter. They produce beautiful offspring, if I say so myself. Boo's daycare has 11 Bernedoodles, all boys. It's getting harder to tell them apart."
- Kari | May 2020

"Hi, Here is Boo’s neuter procedure receipt. He has great through the recovery process. He’s so much fun. He weighs in at about 54 pounds, and thinks he is a lap dog. He loves to play and is super food motivated, which comes in handy for training. He has a good understanding of the basic commands, it’s more getting his stubborn self to follow the command. He is very goat like, and he will eat anything he can find on our walks, he also likes to find the largest sticks to carry around on our walks. Last week he tried to drag a whole branch along. He has been going to daycare once a week, and it’s quite funny to watch him in the car. He knows exactly where we are going, and he can’t wait to get there. He still loves all people, and he thinks that everyone should love him too. (And most do.)"

"Does he shed?"
- Angel Breeze Puppies

"He sheds very little. We find the occasional hairball in those hard to vacuum areas sometimes, so he must shed some, but when he lays on you and is petted, when he gets up there’s nothing. He’s such a bundle of love and energy. "
- Kari | December 2018

"Here are 3 new photos. We have now met with a trainer twice. Boo is quite smart. He knows sit and down and has a good grasp on come. Now we are working on stay as well. We have his biting under much better control now, too. We are loving him, and everyone stops to ask us about him."
- Kari | August 2018

"Boo (aka Benson) went to see the vet today, and all is well. He seems to be a very healthy and happy puppy. He will go back in two weeks to get a few follow up vaccinations. He is always looking for a nice cool place to stretch out. I will send a few more photos later."
- Kari, Patrik and Alessandra | July 2018