Bexar & Buckeye

"Buckeye loves to play with Bexar. He likes to cuddle. He is doing well with pooping outside. Still working on tinkling outside. Has mostly good days though. He went to work and brought a lot of smiles to nurses faces. He is like his big brother - a social butterfly."
- Teri | April 2019

"I love Bexar. (aka Rodney) He is a great dog with lots of love to give. Kent and I are planning to have him trained to be a Pet Therapy dog for Ohio's Hospice. As a volunteer for Ohio's Hospice, I see the value and opportunity to share Bexar's love. He brings smiles to anyone he comes in contact with. Kindly, "
- Teri | February 2019

"Hi, I hope your vacation in Florida is going well. We changed Rodney's name to Bexar (bear). Bexar is such a good dog and we love him to pieces. We took him to the vet on the Friday, February 16 after I picked him up on Wednesday, February 14. He has a great temperament and is growing, growing, growing. We are scheduled for puppy training for the next six weeks."
- Kent & Teri | March 2018