"Hi, Hope things are going great with all the puppies. Just wanted to keep you in the loop that Oakley now "Bert" has a scheduled appointment to get neutered on August 5. I will send invoice and Updates then! Thanks again"
- Sandra | July 2019

"Oakley (aka Bert) had a great visit at the Vet! He's about 11lbs. Vet says he's perfect. Keep you posted around the 6 months once we neuter him. Did I need to send anything to you from vet today?"
- Sandra | May 2019

"Wanted to check in with you and give you a little update on Bert aka "Oakley"! He said doing great!!! Such a sweet boy. I have a Vet appointment on Wed 5/15. I will keep you posted with any info. Thank you again for Bert. We are absolutely in love with him. Thanks again and chat soon,"
- Sandra | May 2019