"Hi! We haven't connected in awhile so I wanted to reach out and check in with you regarding Bernie! He is now 2 and 115 pounds! The amount of questions/ reactions we get about him is insane. We can't walk down the street without being stopped several times. His temperament is amazing and he is the best dog I've ever owned. People are sooo in love with him the minute they meet him. Thank you so much for bringing him into our lives! We cannot say enough about the dog he has turned out to be and how amazing it was working with you. Here are some updated photos of Bernie."
- Lauren | March 2019

"Hi, Hope all is well! Bernie(aka Whitman) turned 1 in February. He is such an amazing well behaved/ tempered dog. He is 104 pounds! We are shocked by how big he is! Do you know what the biggest dog that you’ve bread is? He is still gaining weight (the vet says he is not over weight) but we just can’t believe it! I know you’re probably so busy but I’m just so curious! Have a great week!"
- Lauren | May 2018

"Hello! I'm Lauren, Adams girlfriend/ Whitmans new Mom! I just wanted to thank you for helping Adam through the process and introduce myself to you. We chose Bernie for his name and he is doing great so far, we already love him so much. Everyone has been asking me about how big he will get and I'm so curious to know how much his parents weigh? Again, thank you so much for everything! Here's a couple pictures of the cutie. "
- Lauren and Adam | April 2017