"Hey there, Angel Breeze! We thought you might want to see some new pics of Bernadette (formerly Danielle). She's almost 10 months old now and she's the best. Warm regards,"
- Michael and Lisa | October 2018

"Hey there, I hope all is well. We recently got Bernadette spayed. Attached you will find the invoice for the procedure. I hope that will suffice as the proof your need. Bernie is such a great dog! We love her to death. Attached are some photos. Thanks for everything."
- Michael and Lisa | June 2018

"Hi, Erma. Hope you're having a great vacation! Just a quick note to let you know we decided on a name for the pup formerly known as Danielle. She is now known as Bernadette! You mentioned you needed her name to register her microchip. Also, she had her first vet visit and everything is great. We'll send pics when she's a little older. Thanks again,"
- Michael and Lisa | March 2018