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Bernedoodle Testimonial


"Hi Just wanted to give you a little update on Benji (Donnelly)! After I picked him up on Friday we went straight to the vet for our initial consultation; the vet said he's a very healthy little man! He just had his stitches taken out today and I dropped off the fecal sample they requested to check for worms. The vet and I have a schedule outlined for all of the logistical things that have to take place, more vaccines, neutering, etc. I also finished enrolling him on AKC Reunite so he is now in their system. Overall, he's been a blessing so far. Very well behaved for a puppy and he's learning very quickly. You were right when you said he's intelligent. Unsurprisingly, he gets along amazingly with both my roommates dog and my cat. This is my favorite picture of him so far:"

- David | February 2018