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Sheepadoodle Testimonial


"Angel Breeze Crew, Please find attached Basil's neutering documents and a few recent pictures. He was a little whiny on the first day but all his energy came back on the second day. Thankfully, I was able to bring him to work with me during his recovering. Marie was shocked by how big he is! Basil has graduated from his cone and will return to school on Monday. He definitely misses his friends! Out of curiosity, what is the largest Sheepadoodle you have had? We thought Basil would be 60-70lbs. full grown but he is already 65lbs! Personally, I love big dogs so it is perfectly fine. The vet said he a healthy weight for his stature but we are just wondering how much bigger he will get. Any insight? Thank you again for helping us pick Basil. He is the perfect addition to our family! He is the sweetest companion and brings so much joy to our lives. We couldn't be happier. Best,"

- Madison, Caleb, and Emma | October 2019


"Good morning, Angel Breeze family,
Marie came by to share the wonderful news that she is going to bring one of Basil's cousins/siblings home. She is an absolute sweetheart and will provide a loving home for your pup. For the first few weeks we had Basil, he came to work with me. The ladies in the neighboring offices fell in love with him on our many potty breaks and romps around in the grass. Every time Marie saw us outside, she would come over for pets and snuggles. She inquired about availability of litter mates so I gave her your information. Thought it was a long shot but I'm so glad to hear she will bring home his relative soon.
A "little" Basil update:
Basil started daycare at the beginning of June. On occasion he still comes to work with me but daycare has been a great tool for socialization and expelling his energy. Basil absolutely loves the employees and his pup friends. Daddy and I simply do not exist once we enter the building. He is completely pooped from playing all day but the daycare employees tell us that he plays really hard then naps even harder!
We are so in love with him and couldn't be happier with the decision to welcome him into our family. He is definitely a momma's boy and is happiest when sitting in my lap (more like draped over my lap) with a toy in his mouth. He is so gentle with play and enjoys laying in his bed that is littered with toys. We make weekly trips to the beach (a mile away) on our bikes with him in a utility cart attached to Caleb's bike. His smile is so radiant when his ears flap in the wind! He enjoys the sandy beach, all the pets from the people, and running around with fellow pups. However, he is hesitant about the ocean itself. The water is rather cold here! He does like to wade through the warm tide pools though. We brought him to Lake Winnipesaukee a few weeks ago to learn to swim and paddle board. He seemed to enjoy being the captain of the board versus swimming.
Even though he is a momma's boy, he just loves his human sister, Emma. They ride in the back seat together and he refuses to give her an inch of personal space. He loves to lay on her lap with a toy or just sit next to her with his head on her shoulder. See attached picture. I guarantee he will out weigh her by next month!
In the last few weeks, we have been working on boundaries by allowing him to stay on the deck with a stick or a bone to keep him occupied. We can see him from the kitchen and living room to make sure he stays put, especially when someone is walking by or the kids are riding their bikes. He recently started barking at children (we are working on "quiet") but is thrilled when they come over to pet him. We also let him off leash in the yard but only when we are in the yard. Our yard is not fenced but abuts the woods. He enjoys sitting on tree stumps, munching on tree saplings and moss, and chewing on pine sticks. He is a pretty mellow guy and plays fetch on his terms. After a few rounds, he walks off with the ball to chew on it in the woods under his favorite bush. He has a stash of tennis balls now! One behavioral issue we are working on is he is increasingly defiant. If we tell him "come", he will look at us and ignore the command or walk/run in the opposite direction. Is this an age thing in your experience? Any suggestions on curbing the behavior?
We went to the vet yesterday and he is a whopping 53 pounds! They said he is not overweight, just a big guy. We also scheduled his snippy snip. Based on the vet's schedule, he is scheduled to be neutered September 26, 10 days beyond the 6th month mark. Will this be an issue?
Thank you for taking the time to read this long email. We are just so happy to have Basil as part of our family.
All the best,"

- Madison, Caleb, Emma, and Basil | August 2019


"Hi, We chose "Basil". He is such a smart, affectionate, and happy boy. I swear he smiles just like a human! He knows his name, sit, and is working on come and leave it. Basil is definitely a momma's boy, snuggling every chance he can! Only behavior "issue" was humping his bed, Emma, and myself, but not Caleb. We are working on curbing the behavior and he hasn't humped anything since Wednesday morning. Whoo! He has also done a fantastic job with potty training. No accidents in Wednesday or Thursday! We went to the vet today and they gave him an A+. Before the appointment, we went on a 40 minute walk at the beach (first time he has walked with the leash without trying to escape his harness, great success!). He was so completely wiped out from the walk and meeting new people that slept through the entire vet appointment. They even had to pry open his eyes for the exam because he refused to wake up. He loves a good, solid nap! Basil is getting along very well with his kitty sister. He is curious but gentle. They actually play together as we tied a 15 foot rope to his harness for training purposes. He trails around the living room and Willow follows behind chasing and clawing at the rope. Free entertainment! Thank you for bringing us unabashed joy! We couldn't be more thrilled with our silly boy. We will definitely keep you updated on his progress. By chance, did any of his siblings find homes in New England? All the best,"

- Madison, Caleb, and Emma | May 2019


"He's on his way home! Thank you so much! We will be in touch. His first vet appointment is Thursday. Can't wait for him to meet the rest of the family."

- Madison | May 2019

Angel Breeze: "Per your experience would you ship again?"

Madison: "Yes, I would ship again. It was very simple at the cargo terminal. Do I need to return the shipping crate to anyone?"

Angel Breeze: "No, It is yours to keep."