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Archie and Woody

Sheepadoodle Testimonial

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"Hi, The following is proof of Woody's (previously Kipp) neutering, as well as a couple of updated photos. Woody is a total clown and loves playing with Archie, snuggling and chewing on his bones...and pretty much anything else if allowed! He is very affectionate and friendly...he'll climb right up into your lap and kiss your face. He weighs close to 50 pounds at 8 months old and seems like he's tracking to be smaller than Archie, our 2 1/2 year-old Angel Breeze Bernedoodle, who weighs about 85 pounds. They adore each other and move as a unit. In many ways, two pups are easier than one! Hope you are well!"

- Nancy | September 2019

archie woody 3

"Good Morning! We are all great! Kipp is now known as Woody (sheepadoodle) . He is an absolute doll baby. We all love him especially, Archie! (bernedoodle) Sorry about not giving you an update's been a little crazy with two pups around here! Here are a few pics of our pals! Thanks so much! We love our Angel Breeze pups! Have a great Weekend!"

- Nancy | April 2019

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"Hi, It's Nancy Schreck, looking for a male Sheepadoodle puppy. When convenient, please let me know who you still have available after you go through your waiting list. Below are some updated pictures of Archie. We adore him! Thank you so much!"

- Nancy | February 2019

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"Happy New Year! I apologize for not sending this sooner, but I got distracted with the holidays and all the chaos that comes with it. Below is a copy of the receipt from Archie's (previously Vince) neuter back in November. And, to follow up on our conversation in October about Archie's recurring colitis, which the vet originally thought was Giardia, he is doing great and it's under control. After scouring the internet for ideas, I've found the perfect recipe that works for him.... Rachel Ray's Nutrish grain free chicken and sweet potato kibble, and 2 big tablespoons of pure pumpkin added to his food in the morning and then a tablespoon of dried beet pulp (soaked in water for a few minutes before) from Olewo with his dinner. He's been perfect more emergency potty trips outside in the middle of the night! I've also added some updated pictures of Archie so you can see how nicely he's growing up. He now weighs about 75 pounds and is a big love! Thank you!"

- The Schreck Family | February 2018

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"Hi Our Archie (previously Vince), is a fluffy, adorable 6 month old and is weighing in at a sturdy 65 pounds! We adore him! He's certainly growing up, check out the pictures !"

- The Schreck Family | October 2017

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" Hi! We are absolutely in love with Archie (previously known as Vince). He is an adorable, sweet and friendly puppy. He loves meeting new people and other dogs. It's obvious he has come from a loving breeder. Archie is the perfect fit for our family and we are enjoying every minute of puppyhood! Many Thanks,"

- The Schreck Family | June 2017