Sheepadoodle Archie 4
Sheepadoodle Archie 5
Sheepadoodle Archie 6

"Hi, Attached is our receipt for Archie's neuter. Archie (aka Pocco ) is doing great--he is currently 55 pounds and growing every day. He loves going on walks, looking out the window, and cuddling on the couch. People ask all the time where we got him! He is the best dog. Thanks,"
- Kiley and Adam | August 2019

Sheepadoodle Archie 1
Sheepadoodle Archie 2
Sheepadoodle Archie 3

"Hi, Our vet receipt is below. Archie (Pocco) is doing great! He is a sleepy little guy, but loves playing outside. He's already very good about going to the bathroom outside, and we are working on the crate (he's not a huge fan, but we're making progress). I've attached some pictures"
- Kiley and Adam | March 2019