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Archie and Nixon

Sheepadoodle Testimonial

Sheepadoodle, Archie and Nixon 7
Sheepadoodle, Archie and Nixon 8

"Morning! I was able to order that shampoo from Chewy. I also have a TSC right by me. I’ll try it! I’m not sure what I’m going to do with their hair yet. They have their first groomer appt Saturday morning. To meet her and get used to going. Should be funny. We go to the canine cardiologist tomorrow morning at 10. Supposed to walk away with a full report. I’ll let you know. They’re both good. Archie (Kelton) is a total handful. Such a clown. We are having a hard time potty training them. Archie more so than Nixon. I’m trying all sorts of different things. Pooping is fine. It’s the tinkle. They go anywhere and in their crate. Even if it’s only been 2 hours. I stopped putting bedding in there because they were using it as a diaper. I think it’s just age and maturity of their bladder. We now keep them totally separate while outside. That way they can concentrate on their business instead of each other. They start puppy class next Tuesday! "

- Torrie | September 2018

Sheepadoodle, Archie and Nixon 3
Sheepadoodle, Archie and Nixon 4
Sheepadoodle, Archie and Nixon 5
Sheepadoodle, Archie and Nixon 6

"Archie is a total pistol!! 100% puppy, and Nixon is the sweetest thing."

- Torrie | August 2018

Sheepadoodle, Archie and Nixon 1
Sheepadoodle, Archie and Nixon 2

"Hi. Thank you so much for today. And thank you for our beautiful babies. We are just in love. We’re home and have decided on names. We always give our dogs a full name, so Kelton is Archie James Meier and Kirkley is Nixon Earl Meier. I’ll keep you updated with pictures and our vet visit Monday."

- Torrie | August 2018