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Bernedoodle Testimonial


"It’s been a while. I thought I’d update you on the latest. Apollo (aka Collin) will be a year old in 11 days. He’s about 95 lbs and growing (slower now).

Everyone who meets him thinks he’s so handsome and loves him. He loves all people and other dogs. I always tell people where he’s from and let them know how wonderful you’ve been.

Thanks again for our amazing family member."

- Ken Stempler | September 2022


"I trust this email finds you well. We wanted to give you a long overdue update on Apollo (Colin). From Dassi and Tanner's September/October Litter.  He has been such a joy and brought so much love,  happiness and so much laughter to our family. He's so bright and just picks up everything quickly. Including our hats, gloves, shoes, etc. (Hahah). He is so handsome and turns heads all the time. He loves people and other dogs and is such a pleasure for all to be around. He just loves the cold weather and the snow and wants to be out in it whenever he can. He's now 19 weeks and is over 50 lbs. Amazing how fast they grow. I've included some pictures. He's starting to lose his baby coat and it will be interesting to see what his adult coat looks like. It appears to be getting some of his dad's coloring (dark grey), but you never know. Do his other brothers and sisters get more of Tanner's coloring? We want to thank you again for your patience in answering our endless questions and for your flexibility. You made our process so easy. I have recommended you to anyone who asks and have a few that will be contacting you. The best part of all this is of course Apollo. We'll make sure to keep you updated. Thank you again for everything!"

- Ken Stempler | March 2022