"Hope all is well with you! Alta (formerly Tess) is one year and eight months now and she is still just as wonderful as the last time we spoke. She is very playful, curious, loves hikes, is a total cuddle bug, and can make friends with anyone and everyone. We recently added a new addition to the family too, our son John, who is 7 months old. They just love each other to pieces. Alta is very gentle with John and, thankfully, patient when he decides to pull on her tail or rough house. She's even willing to share her "Lamby" when he wants to play with it. I know as he grows they will be the perfect team."
- Stephanie and Andrew | June 2019

"I wanted to send over the certificate of spay from our vet. Alta is recovering well from her surgery and she is really a sweet girl. We will send some updated photos as soon as she is healed up. I was only able to take a photo of the certificate but if you want I can scan as well. Hope all is well."
- Andrew | April 2018

"Hi there! We wanted to send you an update on our sweet Alta (aka Tess). Everyone that meets Alta, whether human or pup, absolutely loves her. She is great with playing with all sizes of dogs and makes friends wherever she goes. Alta has also learned how to give her human family "hugs", putting her front paws on our shoulders and resting her head. She is a a cuddle bug! Alta is just hitting 20 weeks and is 34 lbs. She is also fully up-to-date with all of her shots. We can't wait to see how she grows! We hope all is well with you!"
- Stephanie, Andrew, and Alta Boyd | March 2018

"Hi, We hope you had a wonderful holiday! Alta (formerly Tess) has been the best Christmas gift we could have asked for. She's such a sweet girl and loves to run, cuddle, play, and go for car rides. We took her to our vet where she was a star patient (our veterinarian gave you and your husband some great praise too!). Alta took her shots like a champ, without even so much as a wince and she is now up-to-date with all treatments. We're enclosing some photos of her from this past week. You'll see her cuddling with "Ducky", her favorite toy, in the car, exploring in the snow around my parents house, taking a much needed nap, and enjoying the Christmas holiday with us. From our young nieces and nephews to our 90 year-old grandmothers, she is well-loved by all and is the perfect addition to our family. Thank you for everything! Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year!"
- Stephanie, Andrew, and Alta | December 2017