"Hi. All's well! Here are a few pictures including with her best pal, our Newfoundland Dax. Question - what is name and contact info for the locator chip company? We keep forgetting to ask. Thanks!"
- Jonathan and John | September 2019

"Hi, - I'm John's husband, Jonathan. I'm just writing to let you know Jane (final name still TBD!) is doing great! She's lovely and friendly and smart and so cute. She's instantly getting along with everyone, including both our massive Newfoundland and our small, hard-to-win-over Havanese. She's shown no anxiety, even at the airport pick up ... and hasn't seemed sad or anything. You all clearly were raising her so well! Attaching a couple pics."
- Jonathan | September 2019

"She has arrived! Here you go! No, not messy at all."
- John | September 2019