Shipping & Delivery


Shipping costs are $550-$599 Anywhere in the US. This price includes everything associated with the flight.

1.) puppy airfare
2.) airline approved pet carrier ( carrier will be yours to keep)
3.) health paper from veterinarian dated within 10 days of shipping, (Confirming that the puppy is in perfect health to fly with the airlines)
4.) Transportation to the airport. (we ship out of Akron/Canton 1 hour away - or Cleveland 2 hours away, or Pittsburgh 2 hours away. ) We ship with United, Delta or American airlines.


"My Puppy Delivery" has taken care of all of my airline bookings, airline shipping and ground delivery for me for over 5 years. A caring company that I love and trust. Rates are based on the amount of hours of driving in your direction. (They don't count hours of them returning home.) For first 2 hours of driving it is $150.00 After this it is $50. an hour. Example: 4 hours of driving in your direction would be $250. If you want to use this service, I will schedule with Rob or Tracy, give them your contact info. They will then contact you to schedule a date and meeting place. You will pay them for delivery cost.